A Day in the Life of the Culture Committee


Here’s a peek at the AWESOME Southwest Culture.  I had the opportunity to spend the day with the Culture Committee in Los Angeles on a Hokey Day visit.  Don’t know what a Hokey Day is?  Watch the video to find out!  Enjoy!


  1. I loved the video!!! I love Southwest!!!

  2. What a wonderful atmosphere! Can’t wait until I am a part of it!

  3. i love this video i hope you keep making videos i love watching them and i will wait for a new video of southwest airlines to come out this is great you are so nice to the southwest airlines people this is why i want to work for southwest airlines you are the best airline.
    thanks.flysouthwestairlines channel on youtube

  4. Just watched the videos for Hokey Day…What a great idea. Really shows your spirit. Southwest is defininetly the kind of company I’d be proud to work for.

  5. Hokey Day is a fantastic idea and a great surprise for the flight crew. I wish I had a Hokey Day at my job! Keep those videos coming!

  6. Thanks Tommy ! Coming soon will be Day in the Life of a Southwest Captain, and Day in the Life of a New Hire. Let us know if you have any other great ideas!!

  7. The Video casts are great – keep em comin! The Hokie video was great in showing how the employees really care for each other and work together as a team.