Bernie’s Big Trip to Spring Training!


As the Official Airline of the Milwaukee Brewers, we are proud to show our LUV and support for not just the players, but the entire organization; especially the mascots!

Bernie, the beloved mascot of the Brewers, exchanged his parka and snow boots for his baseball cap and flip flops this past weekend. Every year, the Brewers players and coaches travel down to Phoenix, Arizona to prepare for the season while Bernie mans the fort–Miller Park stadium, up in Milwaukee. This year, Southwest Airlines flew Bernie down to Spring Training to kick off the Brewers’ first preseason game on Saturday, Feb. 23rd!

So how does a mascot of a Major League Baseball Team fly? Take a look at the video below to see his FUN journey on Southwest. 


Also, here are some snapshots from Bernie’s trip:

Bernie Boarding

Bernie’s boarding pass and
photo ID are in hand and ready to go!  

Bernie Loading Shoes

Security checkpoint? Even
Bernie takes off his shoes. 

Bernie TSA

And gets the pat-down. 

Bernie Reading

Bernie gets cozy in our comfy EVOLVE interior seats!

Ready for take-off! 

Photo/Video Courtesy: Milwaukee Brewers