Carpe Vacay!


Southwest Airlines’ latest sale campaign urges you to Seize Your Vacation!  We’ve coined this campaign Carpe Vacay, which is a play on the popular phrase carpe diem, meaning to seize the day. 

Well, in true Southwest fashion, we’ve had a little FUN with the phrase and turned it into a mantra that we think everyone can get behind: Carpe Vacay! 

In our research we found that, according to a survey by Harris Interactive Inc., Americans left an average of 9.2 vacation days unused in 2012.  With our everyday low fares and even better fare sales, we think people need a little motivation to use those unspent vacation days.

This work—brought to life by our advertising agency GSD&M—is an aspirational and FUN call to our Customers to get out there and do the thing you’ve been dreaming about while you’re hard at work during the daily grind. Whether it’s fishing in your favorite river, wine tasting in Napa, or taking a class at a performance driving school, now is the time to make it happen: Carpe Vacay!

FUN SWAfact: The actor in the current television spot and shown in the photo here is a true fly fisherman. He spent all day standing in the river and probably cast his line more than 200 times to capture just the right shot. We had another professional fly fisherman on-set who was often crouching in the water right next to him, off camera, coaching every cast to make it look as authentic as possible. We think he looks great! Who’s hungry for trout?

Keep your eyes peeled during future sales for more spots from this campaign. And in the meantime, tell your friends and family to Carpe their Vacay with special low fares from Southwest Airlines!