FAQ on The All-New Rapid Rewards


Yesterday, we launched our long-awaited Rapid Rewards program. With any implementation of this magnitude, there are bound to be some issues. While we are very proud of the All-New Rapid Rewards, we know that many of you were affected by our system problems, and we would like to take a moment to apologize if you have been inconvenienced. Please know that we have been focused on your needs and your questions. As a matter of fact, we’d like to answer a few of those common questions here. In addition, we’ve created a brief video to give you an overview of what your account now looks like on and how to find some of the information that you care about the most.
Question: I know I had credits in my account before the launch of the new program, why does my account say I have 0 points?
Answer: In the new program, your existing credits are safe and secure. You will still be able to use existing credits by converting points earned in the new program into credits from the old program (1,200 points = 1 credit) to reach 16 credits (enough for a Standard Award). Until you have flown in the new system or used a Rapid Rewards Partner, you will show 0 points. Please be patient as we work on loading all of your points earned since March 1 into our new system.
Question: Where can I access my old Credits and/or Awards?
Answer: Once you have logged into your Rapid Rewards account, look for the blue account bar on the right side of the screen underneath your name and Member number. You will see the following options: My Travel, My Cart, My Rapid Rewards, and My Travel Guide. Click on “My Rapid Rewards,” and “Credit & Award Status” will display at the bottom of the expanded window. Click on “What Happened to my Credits,” “What Happened to my Awards,” or “What Happened to my Credits and Awards” to take you to the page showing your Credit and/or Award information. The bar diagram will show you how many existing credits you have and how many points are needed to earn a free flight award. If you have Awards from the old Program, scroll down a bit from the bar diagram and click “Go” under “What About My Awards.” On the next page you will see your old Awards and are able to book them by clicking “Book Now” in the green shaded area.
Question: Can my Standard Awards from the old program be used to book any seat on any flight?
Answer: All of the rules for the old program, including applicable seat restrictions and blackout dates, apply to your remaining Credits and Awards. When you use your points to book a reward under the new program, you will enjoy the benefits of being able to book any seat, on any flight, any day.
Question: I was close to earning A-List or Companion Pass Status based on the rolling year, but in my account information, it looks like it restarted at the beginning of the calendar year. Why is that?
Answer: With the All-New Rapid Rewards, we are moving to a calendar year for earning status in the program. However, to honor our commitment to you from the old program, you may earn A-List or Companion Pass status based on either the rolling 12-months or calendar year. When you login to your account on, you will only see your progress tracked based on the calendar year. We are working on having your progress tracked based on the rolling 12-month qualification displayed in your monthly Rapid Rewards Report e-mail. You can expect your next monthly report within the next few weeks if you have signed up for it online. If you have not previously signed up for this report, click here.
To review all Frequently Asked Questions about Rapid Rewards, click here.
Stay tuned…we have some exciting things in store for our Rapid Rewards Members in the near future to help us celebrate the new program.


  1. The new program is awful! It used to be one flight = one credit. Now my one flight only got me 390 points and I need 1200 for a credit….So I have to pay 3 times as much? The only reason I kept going to Southwest was so eventually I’d be rewarded, but I guess it’s back to Priceline and Expedia to find the cheapest airline…one that doesn’t break its promises!

  2. So I’ve been getting “We are currently unable to display your upcoming trips. Please try again later. ” since the new web site began weeks ago. Would have expected this to be discovered in testing before go-live and would have expected this to be fixed by now.

    Now I have to make 50% of my rez on the phone where it used to be zero. This costs both parties.

    Does Southwest think we had it too good in the past? What gives?

  3. It has been 2 weeks since I have been able to access my Rapid Rewards account online. I have called a couple of times and was assured the problem was being resolved. 2 weeks??? I’d sure like some action on this pretty soon!!

  4. I cannot believe how frustrating and useless the new RR program is! I have many unused “free flights” that I am unable to use because there are no standard award seats available. I have a companion pass, but can’t use it either, because I cannot book a flight for myself. I tried to transfer points from a hotel program to get enough credits to book a flight, and it, too got screwed up in the transition. I cannot imagine flying Southwest with this reward program. It is much more onerous that their rivals, and at least with the rivals, I know where I stand from day to day regarding rewards and seating. Adios, Southwest.

  5. Mr. Green,

    Your posting about how wonderful this new program is a play out of the corporate baloney playbook. Saying that people you researched wantted this is an insult. Really. Why don’t you post the first names of the people in your surveys that siad they wanted their benefits cut in half? Or those of the frequent flyers that wanted to see their rpaid rewards beome worht a hell of a lot less? Please do. I’d love to see such openness in the true LUV spirit.

    It seems like the big mistake is an airline being run by a former CFO. Mr. CFO only knows how to concentrate on costs. Rapid Rewards? That’s only a cost – let’s cut ’em in half. Loyalty – Smoyalty. Who cares.

    Mr. Green, what has happened to the attitude that got southwest here? Is the LUV airline actually going to admit that a lot of people aren’t happy about the revised Rapid Rewards changes? Or, will we get another of your ridiculous the program has been enhanced based on your feedback.

    You guys are sorely mistaken if you don’t reconsider. You don’t get it. To move ahead wthout fixing the problem – welcome to the world of the big guys and their attitudes – take or leave it.

    For me, I finish the flights I have then it is goodbye Southwest.

  6. Well had my first experience with the new rewards program today and I must say it wasn’t a pleasant. I tried to use my “old award” for a flight and was told it was not available. I said this upgrade it to an “Freedom Award” and was told we don’t have those anymore. Freedom Awards when away with the new system. I was then told that I was sent an email to upgrade all my awards to “Freedom Awards” and that I must not have read the email. I’m very disappointed in SWA as you have always worked with the customer but today I was told that the system wouldn’t let me request a Freedom Award and I should have made these chances before March 1st. This is very disappointing that a new program or system keep you from doing what is right for a very frequent SWA flyer. Very disappointing to know that I fly over 100 segments a year and your program/system prevents me to take advantage of an award that I earned prior to March 1, 2011.

  7. After nine days into the new points progam I’am still unable to login. For the past 3 years l have been checking my account at least once a day.
    I need to login.
    Please help

  8. I believe it was advertised that you could get international travel with your points. What is considered international travel – NY ?

  9. “However, to honor our commitment to you from the old program, you may earn A-List or Companion Pass status based on either the rolling 12-months or calendar year.”

    How often will the rolling calculation be done? If I take my 32nd flight today, when will I get A-list? Tomorrow? A week from today? A month from today? Only after I call and ask?

    Ideally, rolling qualification should be evaluated daily. Is the current scramble to fix the new web pages affecting the timeliness of rolling qualification?

    • nsx — 03-09-2011 at 12:04 pm
    • 11
  10. Seriously? Is this new program some massive horrible unintentiaonal mistake? I had to free roundtrip flights and when you made me convert them they equaled just shy of 8,000 points which isn’t anything. 25% fo what I had.

    I feel strongly thet SouthWest is not honoring their program I earned 2 trips on.