Gory Bateson Sings Original “Southwest Never Broke My Guitar”


Gory Bateson, musician and Southwest Customer, sings his original song, "Southwest Never Broke My Guitar," before his concert trip to Fishkill, Alabama.

To see more videos by Gory, visit his YouTube channel:


  1. I can hardly wait for the full, rock band version with the backup singers and an Al Kooper-like Hammond B-3 filling in the gaps. Anyone who cannot see the genius in this sketch is not related to the artist or a close friend. They are a drag.

    If you’re ever lucky enough to fly Southwest, and get a captain who comes on the speakers and tells you his name is, “Captain Bob,” with a thick Texas drawl, consider yourself very lucky. If the turbulence is nasty, he’ll tell you, “We’re gonna’ have some fun.” Then, while getting bounced all over hell and creation, “having fun,” he’ll perform the smoothest landing you can imagine.

  2. Breakin’ guitars is just too uncool. Keep flyin’ on Southwest…along with that other stuff you and Dougie mix up!

  3. Southwest Airlines doesn’t break guitars because this isn’t good

  4. Awesome video, Gory! And I’m a Southwest fan too!


  5. Not even remotely as cool as the Sons of Maxwell. Another good idea copied badly.

  6. Great video Gory!! Good to see that you are still taking insect killer and Grand Marnier on your trips. It reminds me of our early days with The Ethnogs when we’d mix the two along with some Brut for our special “after dinner cocktail.”

    While Southwest doesn’t break guitars, I do remember when Air Indonesia lost all of our instruments before our New Guinea concert. Certainly made for a very interesting night in front of our fans.

    Peace . . . Out — Dougie