The LUV Airline Helps Wishes Take Flight


Southwest stands for community, and here at Phoenix, we do all we can to give back from the heart and make a difference in people’s lives.  One way we do that is by creating special moments for the precious Make-A-Wish® kids who are headed out on the LUV airline to experience their wish come true.

In this video, you’ll meet wish kid Cole and his handsome smile.  You’ll also find out how Southwest Employees at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport helped Cole’s wish start off on a high note by pulling out all the stops when he arrived at the airport! Greeted by a banner at the ticket counter, painted just for him by a Southwest Employee, Cole’s family was personally escorted through security by one of Southwest’s finest. There, he was greeted by Spirit Jr. who helped him make his way to the departure gate where a special announcement, goody bags, and even a concert awaited.

As a national sponsor of Make-A-Wish, Southwest provides travel to help make these kids’ one wish come true, but it’s really more than that.  We offer our friendly service to keep these kids smiling, despite what they’re battling on the inside.  We LUV making our wish kids like Cole feel so special!  

On a day like today when love poems are abound, I wanted to share my poem on the LUV we share with our wish kids:

They plan, they hope, they imagine, they dream,
As to what a Make-A-Wish trip would mean.
It’s family, adventure, laughter, and more,
Many hands weave the dreams and Southwest Airlines shall soar!
Sure the sendoffs are great, the fanfare just fine,

But, it’s the smiles and the grins that stay on our minds.
Our hearts are changed by our Make-A-Wish time,
The joy that goes with them is really so fine.
But it doesn’t compare to the joy left behind.

Happy Valentine’s Day from the LUV airline!