Southwest Airlines Heroes of the Heart


Heroes of the Heart is a spirited event that we celebrate annually around Valentine’s Day at Southwest Airlines. Ginger Hardage, Vice President Culture & Communications, explains the LUV behind the event and why it is so special.

 Be sure to mouse-over the arrow on the bottom right of the player to watch this video in HD.


  1. It is a shame all cannot view these wonderful videos/blogs. The team is outstanding and I look forward to seeing what is posted everyday. Keep up the good work.

  2. Hi Ronny,
    I passed your comment on to our SWALife experts to see if anything can be done.

  3. I wish we could participate and watch these swa video blogs but here in hou provo we dont have access to internet and it says restricted when you try to view these videos. We were told we would be getting internet services about 2 months ago but nothing yet. By looking at how few people are respomding to swa blogs might be because we dont have internet to access it.

  4. Well no wonder Southwest is such a highly rated company with which to work. It is also nice to be voted into this select group by your co-workers.

    Perhaps this video should be watched by other companies to get an idea of how employees should be treated. Great presentation.

    Erica from Dallas