Southwest Airlines Share the Spirit


As part of Southwest Airlines Share the Spirit program, Employees are devoted to each and every community the airline serves. Throughout the year, Southwest Airlines Employees reach out to individuals, families, and entire communities providing help where it is needed. Southwests Share the Spirit is ingrained in the Companys Culture, and the airlines 35,000-plus Employees are often the lifeline for those in need. We encourage you to get involved in your community.


  1. No other airline company and employees like it. You are the best of the best.
    Good Job

  2. Employees making moments to remember. Songs, jokes, and just being the friendly airlines helps making travel a pleasure. You are and always have been number 1

  3. The Best Of the Best. Making life a little easier. Love Southwest, nothing better.

  4. I love Southwest Airlines. A fantastic company that cares and gives back.

  5. I really do appreciate Southwest employees giving to the communities they service.

    Good job!

    Erica from Dallas