Wanna get Away? Yesterday, we sure did!


We know the last two days certainly have been challenging for you. Murphy’s law was an unwelcome Passenger yesterday when we had two, separate situations that affected our operations and web site accessibility. Through it all, our Employees did their very best to serve you, but we understand that many of you have had frustrating moments.


Our first issue came yesterday morning when we flipped the switch for our All-New Rapid Rewards program. Throughout the day, had intermittent issues regarding functionality and accessibility. We had a Command Center in place and our folks were ready to immediately spring into action to address and fix the “bugs” as they were discovered. Their work continued all day and through the night, and they were able to implement some fixes that have helped get us back up and running online today.


As Murphy and his law would have it, in a completely unrelated event yesterday evening, our primary telecommunications provider experienced an outage that affected the network connectivity at some of our airports and call centers nationwide. This resulted in long lines of Customers at many airports. Immediately, an emergency command center effort was mounted to find a solution to get the connectivity repaired. The safety and security of our flights, Customers, and Employees remained our focus as we worked to minimize the impact to our Customers and our operation. The outage affected our operation for approximately 2.5 hours.


We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience and frustration you experienced the last two days.  To our fans, followers, and Customers, we know you expect great Customer Service, and that’s our expectation too.  Yesterday wasn’t our best day, but today is looking better.  We hope to see you on a Southwest flight soon.



  1. For some reason my Hilton hotel stays do not show up on my SWA rewards account. I’ve faxed details to the different fax numbers recommended by airline staff, but get no acknowledgment that my faxes have even been received. The reservation staff say they can’t help and I need to speak to customer service, but their phone gave a busy signal the 10 times I’ve tried calling over the last 3 weeks. If this is broken, what else is broken? A responsive customer service # would make a huge difference to my decision to continue flying LUV.

  2. Used to like Southwest for multiple reasons: easy to book, good RR program, good service on flights (incl two checked bags, wish more people did it)
    But now I’m getting frustrated. I have not been able to login to my RR site since the change a month ago. Spent several hours in phone wait line and calls. Still no solution. Worst of all: no real feedback on any of my requests for solutions. Pure ignorance. My patience in soon running out.

  3. Still can’t get on. Tried to “contact customer service,” and, guess what, I got the same error message I received when I tried to log on to my rapid rewards account! Will someone please contact me and let me know when I can access my RR account? I’m tired of checking the website and getting an error message day after day and holding, holding, holding on the phone.

  4. I have waited for a week to use the new site.. have had several problems.. I tried to change a companion pass reservation. I changed mine first than tried to change my wife’s.. Got an ewrror message.. Companion pass changes now have to be done over the telephone not online. This was not the way it was done in the old system..

    I had booked about 20 flights during the month of March and April . all of the reservations are no longer in my account..This is a pain trying to find the reservations numbers to check the flights in..

    These problems need to be fixed.. I dont like being on hold for 30 minutes to make a minor change that should be easy

    Also you cannot get a Southwest Visa Premier card until April 1st..per chase bank