We Officially Own a 737-800!


A lot of you have been wondering about the status of our first 737-800 since it took its initial flight back on February 23.  Well, today, we took delivery of our brand new aircraft in Seattle.  However, don’t look for it at one of our airports right away because the hard work isn’t done yet, and over the next few weeks, the airplane has a very busy schedule: 

  •  The plane will head to Paine Field at Everett for make ready and the installation of the WiFi Hotspot.
  •  Then the -800 is scheduled to make a quick visit in Dallas for an Employee event.
  •  Also in Dallas, the aircraft will go through several standard tests and evaluations performed by the FAA.
  •  Once those tests are complete it will be routed to a Southwest city to begin service.

 Get excited!  We’re getting close!


  1. Too bad it is still a flying bus. How about some AirTran-like amenities? Especially if you head to Hawaii or South America? Riding a bench for 6 hours is too much, and keeps me off your planes.

  2. just booked a flight between Baltimore and Seattle for May; would love to be on the -800.

  3. Hope crew training is done between DAL-AUS.

  4. ETOPS? Where will you be taking her to utilize that?

  5. Will we be able to fly Los Angeles or Burbank to Honolulu and the Outer Islands by June or July? If so I’ll buy 14 roundtrip tickets just for one family trip…..

    Mahalo you guys !!!

  6. This is sooo exciting…. Bring em’ to La Guardia!!!

  7. The last photo is slightly ‘blue’, you might want to rework this with a photo editor. 😉

    To bad, the aircraft is an ocean away.

  8. Congrats!

  9. Hawaii????

  10. Congratulations!! Can’t wait to see it.