Welcome to the Future of Nuts About Southwest


What’s a good way to celebrate a blog’s second birthday? Well we thought the best way was to take our blog and make it even better. Thanks for joining us on our slightly belated birthday celebration as we roll out our exciting new Nuts About Southwest platform, or as we call it around here, our "blog 2.0 site." Don’t worry, this is still the Southwest Airlines blog, and you haven’t landed in a time warp! Rest assured, everything you liked before is still here, but we have added a lot of new "stuff" that will give you more choices in information and even provide you the ability to personalize your Nuts experience.

Okay, so where do we start? Well, the effervescently efficient and engaging Christi Day has prepared an introductory video that will give you a quick tour of the site. You can find Christi’s video on the right side of the home page, underneath the new Flickr photos area. Her video, along with this post, will be your "instruction manual" for the new stuff–although it’s gonna be a lot more fun to watch Christi than read my words. We are guessing that this new video blog section will be one of the most popular spots at Nuts About Southwest, and Christi and her producer, the imaginatively innovative Paula Berg, have been hard at work traveling across our system compiling a series of videos that will take you behind the scenes with our Employees (some of whom you will recognize) at work. Christi’s video series will post every Monday, and the video section will have all the blog posts that contain videos.

Again, the blog pretty much remains the same, with the exception of the previously mentioned video section that will now contain posts with videos. If you want the blog displayed in a full screen (similar to the way it was before), just click on the "BLOGSOUTHWEST" bar above or click on one of the "read more" links under each post. Although a few have left the Company, most of our bloggers are still with us, including your favorites like Bill Owen, Ray Stark, and Carole Adams, along with some new folks who work in different areas of the Company like Reservations, Cargo, and Customer Relations/Rapid Rewards. The blog will still be (we hope!) insightful, topical, informative, and fun. Now, let’s talk about some of the new stuff.

On the upper right of the home page, you will see an area for photos, and these will come from our Flickr group. (Is it my age, or what, but every time I see Flickr, I think of "My Friend Flicka"?) We’d LUV to see your pics on any subjects related to Southwest Airlines, and this is the place to post your photos. Now take a gander under the blog and video blog sections for two more new features: One is our new weekly poll that will ask your thoughts on everything from current issues to funny topics. The area immediately to the right of the polls is our new headline service that will provide you with the latest news from Southwest Airlines.

Below the polls and headlines are two feeds from our official media site: One consists of Southwest-produced videos like our commercials and the other links to official Southwest photos. And finally, but definitely not least is the home of Red Belly RadioTM with the smooth voice and Renaissance-man mind of Steve Heaser. This audio podcast will run on a weekly schedule with new posts on Wednesdays. Steve, who has been doing this on our internal site for awhile, will have some fascinating reports for you.

But wait, we have more. Rest assured you will still be able to access, view, and comment on all of our features, but by completing your profile, you have access to other features like being able to set up a profile and customize the "My Favorite Feeds" tab.

What you see today is the result of at least a year’s worth of dreaming and a good six months of hard work to bring you these new interactive options. None of this could have happened if it weren’t for the efforts, guidance, and friendship of Chris Ronan and his Team at RD2, Inc. Without them, we would probably still be hoping and dreaming instead of unveiling and displaying. What you see today is really a "work in progress," and there are more new features still to come in the next phase, so don’t wander off.

I’ve rattled on for enough now. Go, explore, and be sure to return, so you can let us know your thoughts.


  1. I “cashed in” credits from the former Rapid Rewards Program (the program that made too much sense to keep) and was issued two Standard Awards. For the past month, I’ve tried to reserve flights using the Standard Awards. Lots of luck trying to do that. Where does someone have to fly to to use Standard Awards–Oshkosh? Nome? Peducah? (Not that I have anythng against those places.)

  2. I’m new to blogging and would like to post a positive response to my first posting. I would like to share with everyone my e-mail to my son. Happy Holidays to everyone.

    Dear son,

    I just spoke with Ms. xoxox our situation. I shared with her what your hearts desire for Christmas. I was so depressed, don’t know where to turn for help, and I did not think that anyone really would read a blog, especially my blog (my first ever), and get a positive response! An anonymous person/organization out there is giving you/our family an early Christmas present. An airfare to come home for Christmas!

    As I’ve always shared with you. Create “Good” Karma, and it will find you.
    I thank the Heavens for the special person and the organization that she is part of, and that you found a good friend. I thank them for sharing their Christmas with you. I could just imagine that your Christmas dinner alone would be a very generous portion of cup of soup!

    You have a big caring heart. Even though you missed out seeing your family here in California last Thanksgiving, you still feel that someone else deserves to come home for Christmas than you. It breaks my heart and grandmas not to see you especially on another special holiday occasion that families should be together. Christmas and my birthday is just another day without you. I missed you a lot.


  3. Hi, I would really like to work for Southwest airlines in Phoenix AZ! I have NO idea how to get my foot in the door. I do not know anyone that works for Southwest. I am constantly looking for an opening on the career website (every day) for a few months. There is NEVER ANYTHING in Phoenix. I just thought Id give this a try, and see if there’s anyone that has a little advice. Thanks!!!

  4. Congratulations on the new enhancements! Great to see the additions for the Flickr group, and Red Belly radio and the tags!

    Have fun!

  5. Cindi,
    Thanks so much for the kind words, and I hope our readers will drop by to visit your neat blog. It’s under Flight Options on our Link LUV section to the right

    I am definitely not an expert on Schedule Planning (see Bill Owen for that!), but I do know that we have looked at Bangor from time to time. The problem is that there are so many great possible new cities to serve that we are very selective. We also are concentrating on connecting the dots between our existing cities.


  6. Folks:

    Congrats on raising the bar, again.

    You guys are doing awesome things in multimedia communication.

    You continue to be a role model.


    Cindi, blogging for Flight Options at

  7. are u serious about the commercial comment?? Seriously…i looked it up and its quite funny..If this prevents u from saving money when u travel then good riddance….

    heres a link to the commercial…its however missing the beginning where the woman has pressed the top floor button and is trying to shut the doors on the man entering the elevator….