What’s Brewin’ With Drink Coupons


Southwest Airlines
has always been known as a fun and laid-back airline and for some of our Customers, and that attitude is enhanced by a fantastic onboard selection of adult beverages.  We know it’s a treat to unwind on a flight with a glass of wine or a cocktail, and we want to fill you in on some changes brewin’ with our Drink Coupons. 

Beginning tomorrow, September 1, 2011, Southwest Airlines Flight Attendants will only accept Drink Coupons with a valid expiration date.  We announced last year that Customers would have a full year to use up the coupons without an expiration date.

As a reminder, Business Select Drink Coupons are valid only on the date of travel for the Business Select ticket. Business Select Customers may use their drink coupon on a connecting flight, as long as it is used on the day of travel printed on the coupon. Remember, even on that 8 a.m. flight: it’s 5 o’clock somewhere!

How do you get Drink Coupons, you ask?  There are two ways Drink Coupons are offered:

–  Business Select Tickets: With the purchase of a Business Select fare, you receive a premium Drink Coupon valid for your day of travel. You can read more about the perks of purchasing Business Select here.

–  Rapid Rewards:  Enroll in our All New Rapid Rewards program and earn four drink coupons following the completion of 10 one-way qualifying flights.   The Drink Coupons expire one year from the last day of the month in which the coupons are issued.  For example, if coupons are issued in October 2010, the expiration will be October 31, 2011.

Drink Coupons

Of course you can always use a credit card to purchase liquor, beer, wine or Monster Low-Carb Energy Drinks onboard our flights.  We’re proud to have some of the lowest prices in the air for liquor, beer, and wine.  And of course, all other non-alcoholic beverages and snacks are free.  


  1. This has been handled very poorly. You send me half a dozen emails every week about a variety of topics, but for something such as this where I have earned these drink coupons I hear nothing? Why didn’t you send everyone an email telling them they couldn’t use the coupons? I am very disappointed that you chose to post this to a blog I don’t read in stead of telling me directly.

  2. I have 4 old drink coupon books. Can I trade them in for new drink coupons? Even if i trade 15 coupons for 4 new ones for my next travel dates July 27-29
    thanks for considering,

  3. Do I have to be a Rapid Rewars member and/or a Southwest credit card holder to use drink coupons?

  4. Wow! My husband and I have saved up for years to bring our children and grandchildren together ( at our expense) for a family vacation in Florida. You mean all of my saved coupons are not good? I never received notice if this either. Very disappointed in Southwest. This is something the OTHER airlines do, not you!

  5. Yes, I agree with matt…I also didn’t receive any rewards on my old rapid rewards and I think it did not expired as I know it for 1 year expiration, right? I have here my old Coupon Probe but I can’t barely used it.

  6. I usually fly Southwest on business and therefore rarely use a “drink coupon.” My family and I are leaving BUF for LAX on Wednesday, and I noticed I had 26 of the unexpired coupons – thought I might use a few on this long pleasure flight. A friend told me that SW was now refusing to honor these coupons….frustrating. First, you re-vamp the “rapid rewards” program to basically double the point cost of a rewards flight falling in line with all the other airlines’ b.s. programs, and then expire un-expirable drink coupons. What’s next – baggage fees? You guys used to set the standard, now you’re following the heard. I read on-line that in response to a class-action suit, you’re claiming that too many passegers were bootlegging the old coupons…really? And the new ones are immune to that? How ’bout I send you my 26 expired unexpired coupons and you send me your new and less desirable version? Time to cancel the Southwest VISA and start using Travelocity as Southwest has turned its back on those who had always been loyal to it.